What is the Catania Film Commission


Catania Film Commission (Sicily/ Italy), ph. +39 0957423381  Piazza Duomo 3 - 95124 Catania (Italy)                                                                                                       

The Catania Film Commission is an organization which was created in 2002, within the Municipality of Catania. Its objective is the promotion and development of the local representation through cinema, photography and audiovisual techniques, by encouraging employment in the field for several local professions and activities. 

The Film Commission  presents itself as a “one stop station” in town, the one office for companies and operators of the film industry. It offers a wide range of functional services which appeal to film makers as cost efficient as well as diminished burocratic follow up  strategies such as for getting authorizations and permits.

The office is open to short/medium/long films, documentaries, and photographic services as well as to events, co-operations, co-productions, formation activities, research and studies and whatsoever could contribute to increase audiovisual “culture”.


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