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“One stop station” available services:


 logo CFC n.

Catania Film Commission (Sicilia / Italia), ph +39 095 7423381
piazza Duomo 3, 95124 Catania, Italy                                                 


·       Information, reception, assistance, and logistic support (also throughout the film shooting)

·       Interconnection with the municipal administration offices (including Municipal Police) and with other public and private institutions for authorizations, permits, tax and fee exemptions (such as for parking).

·       Location scouting and inspection assistance

·       LOCATION GUIDE Monumental, historical, artistic, archeological and landscape  heritage database (sea-villages, small harbours, parks, beaches, public and private structures)

·       PRODUCTION GUIDE Professions/Labour/Companies database

·       Municipal buildings and vehicles use (for production offices, tailoring, make-up and hair-dressing, studios, etc.)

·       Connection to the Region of Sicily Film Commission for FILM FUND

·       Conventions with hotels, restaurants, catering, car rentals, transportation companies, taxi drivers associations, the merchants’ association (Confcommercio), and other companies for discounted fees

·       Conventions with Universities, Theatre Institutions, Schools, as well as for the utilization for free apprenticeship in the Film making and in the technical and artistic Casting

·       Press office and Communication, press conference Organization, Previews

-        Organization of formation, study and research activities


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